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May/June 2023

Ayuba* in Nigeria was only 20 when his father was killed by Islamic militants. He vowed revenge – but, after receiving trauma care from Open Doors local partners, chose to forgive the man who’d betrayed his father. You can help courageous Christians like Ayuba stand up to violent persecution – found out how in the latest magazine.

*Name changed

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Do you believe change is possible? Read Sahar’s story

When Sahar became a Christian, she was thrown out of home. As a female convert in Iran, she had no rights – not even to see her children. The latest magazine shares her story – and how God kept His promise to her that she would ‘serve among women and even nations’. You’ll also find the latest ways to get involved in Open Doors’ See. Change. campaign for persecuted Christian women.

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Risking everything for North Korean refugees: Read Rebecca’s secret diary

Rebecca (name changed) is an Open Doors underground fieldworker who takes extraordinary risks to support North Korean refugees through networks in China. In the latest magazine, you can read her secret diary – discovering the dangers she faces, and the transformations she sees.

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Hope at Christmas: You can show persecuted children that they’re family.

Valentina (15) in Colombia is vulnerable to guerrilla gangs and threats from indigenous groups – because her dad is a church leader. She is one of hundreds of thousands of Christian children around the world who face persecution for their faith. This Christmas, meet Valentina and hear her story – as well as many other children from different countries.

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A church filled with hope: How Christians in Nigeria are finding joy despite violence

Pastor Edward is an Open Doors partner in Syria – he’s run a Centre of Hope for years, serving and encouraging the local community. Right now, he explains, the economic situation is worse than ever for the persecuted church. “For the first time in our country, the middle class is now close to starvation.” In this magazine, you can read his story – and see how he is making hope last in the Middle East.

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How does the faith of India's Christians remain unshaken?

Mehr* in India was attacked from all sides. Her neighbours assaulted her. Doctors and nurses refused to treat her. All because she chose to follow Jesus. But thanks to your prayers and support, she remains unshaken in her faith. In this edition of the magazine, find out how you can help more Christians in India like Mehr stand firm in the face of increasingly violent persecution.

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Make hope last in the Middle East: Pastor Edward is standing strong in Syria

Pastor Andrew’s community in Nigeria was devastated by Islamic militants – part of an increasing trend of violence in the region. They killed some Christians, destroyed the church and burned down almost all the houses. When Pastor Andrew and his congregation returned, they didn’t despair. They immediately started rebuilding the church. In this edition of the magazine, discover how you can help turn despair into hope in West Africa.

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Invisible: Persecuted women still need to see change

When Sarah (name changed) in North Africa became a Christian, her family threw her out. Later, her husband did the same thing. As a woman, she was particularly vulnerable. Millions of women like Sarah are persecuted for their faith and their gender. In this magazine, you can read how Sarah is seeing change, thanks to the gifts and prayers of Open Doors supporters.

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