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A prayer for women and girls of the persecuted church


Sarah in North Africa was thrown out of her home because of her faith. Later, her husband threw her out of another home. In her country, as a woman, she is particularly vulnerable without the protection of her family. If she were a man, being forced to leave home would be devastating – but a man might be able to find a job, a home and safety. Women only leave the family home when they marry. By throwing her out, her father wasn’t just rejecting her. He was endangering her life.

Around the world, millions of women from religious minorities face persecution for their faith and their gender. See Sarah. See change.

A Prayer for women and girls in the persecuted church

Lord Jesus,

You are the God who created women in Your image and sees their true value. We praise You for the brave faith of persecuted Christian women around the world.

Draw near to those who are threatened, locked away or abused for their choice to follow You.

Make a way for girls to receive the education and training they need to thrive.

Bless the widows and the refugees and provide for all their needs.

Open the eyes of our persecuted sisters to see how precious they are in Your sight.

May they hear You calling each of them by name; and may their courage and testimony draw many others to You.


This prayer is taken from the Open Doors World Watch List Top 50 – the comprehensive handbook to the Top 50 countries where Christians risk everything to follow Christ. Order your free copy today.

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