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The Way of the Cross

The Way of the Cross is a set of 15 prints, which uses images and stories of persecuted Christians to illustrate the Easter story.

All sets have now been sent out. If you have not already donated – or if, following the event you wish to donate again – you can do so using the link below. 

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What is the Way of the Cross?

Displayed as prayer stations around your church, this is a powerful, moving way for members of your church – and visitors – to reflect on the events of Jesus’ passion, and to remind themselves of how persecuted Christians continue to walk the way of the cross every day.

  • Fifteen powerful images, each with a Bible passage and reflection for prayer
  • Giveaway prayer card for visitors to take away from their visit
  • Available in A3 and A2 sizes to suit different venues
  • Takes us through the journey of Holy Week, culminating in resurrection, new life and victory over death.
  • A great way to inspire personal prayer and to connect with the events of Jesus’ passion
  • Can be used as a one-off event, or throughout Holy Week.

We believe that this will be a powerful way for churches to inspire prayer at Easter.   

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Sample images below. Click on the image to see more detail.

What sizes are available?
The prints are available in two sizes – A2 and A3. If you have a large space we would recommend the A2 size. But for smaller rooms – prayer rooms, smaller chapels, etc. – you might find the A3 size is better.

How do I display them?
How you display them is up to you. The prints are printed on 2mm board, making them easy to mount on a wall, or put on easels, or even hang like a painting. 

Is this the same as the traditional 'Stations of the Cross'?
For centuries Christians have followed Jesus’ journey using different ‘stations’ of the cross. Increasingly the concept is being adapted by churches from different traditions. The Open Doors resource follows the form and readings used in the Anglican liturgy. And while the traditional format has 14 stations which end with the crucifixion, our version has a fifteenth ‘station’ celebrating the true destination of Jesus’ journey: resurrection, new life and victory over death.

When should they be used?
Although they can be used any time, the prints have been designed to be used during Holy Week. You can put them up for a one-off event – such as a prayer evening or during Good Friday. Or you could have them on display throughout Holy Week for visitors to your church to interact with. It’s entirely up to you. 

How will people interact with the prints?
All the prints are numbered, and come with a Bible passage and text to help people reflect and pray. So visitors will simply follow the journey and pray as they feel led. However, you can also order prayer cards for people to take away. These will have one of the images on one side along with ides for further prayer and action to support the persecuted church. 

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