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Covid-19 isn’t the only crisis for India’s persecuted Christians. They need a rapid response.

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Two urgent crises in India

Coronavirus is getting even worse in India. But for Indian Christians, it’s only half the story.

Appalling Christian persecution hasn’t stopped during the pandemic. It’s fuelled by Hindu extremist propaganda and lies, and Christians are attacked, discriminated against, rejected and even murdered just because of their faith.

Today, the Indian church urgently needs your help.

Support Indian Christians in crisis

Videos of Violence in India

Hindu extremists aren't just attacking India Christians - they're sharing the videos online. Clips of Christian persecution are going viral in India, but you can use them for good. By sharing these #StandForTruthIndia videos, you can raise awareness of the persecution face by our family in India.

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Stand for truth

On the 15 August – India’s Independence Day – the global Open Doors family uploaded pictures of themselves with #StandForTruthIndia to raise the alarm on this critical issue. If you haven’t taken your picture, upload it today!

Why? Because India’s Christians are often ridiculed as a threat to India’s national pride. Together we can celebrate the truth, that Indian Christians are a vital and wonderful part of the diversity of India.

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Month of prayer for India

Christians in India are urgently asking for our prayers as they find themselves caught between two crises: pandemic and persecution. There is much to pray into, but also many things to be grateful for.

Thank you for joining with us in this month of prayer – your prayers make such a difference and mean so much to your persecuted family.

Month of Prayer

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Your support helps persecuted Christians continue to courageously follow Jesus.
Together, we can reach those where persecution hits hardest.